1988 – I conducted two successful solo litigations, as a first year law student serving with the United States Army.

January 1991 – I began full time practice of law.  I represented soldiers and handled approximately 15 hearings per week for approximately 8 months of my time at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

1992 – 1993 – I handled my first criminal case in Federal Court, defending someone charged in a big truck theft and chop shop ring.  Of the 9 persons charged, my client was the only one who got probation.

1994 – I began full time criminal trial work in Texas, as a felony prosecutor.  I moved a couple of times, and worked as a prosecutor in Spokane County, Washington and in Minnesota before resigning for good in 2000.  I also wrote appeals for several months during this period.

June 2000 – I opened my first solo law practice as a criminal defense attorney in Minnesota.  Since I stopped prosecuting in 2000, I have never once thought about returning to that side.  Criminal defense became my passion quickly, and that fire has never lessened.

2000 – 2009 – I served as a criminal defense trial attorney in many capacities during these 14 years, both in private practice and as a public defender.  I also spent some time writing defense appeals – including one in a death penalty case.  During this window I spent a year working for trial judges in Florida, drafting their decisions for them, including decisions in two death penalty cases.

August 2009 – I returned to Whatcom County, which felt like coming home.  In September I took on a felony caseload as a Deputy Public Defender here in Whatcom County, ultimately becoming a Senior Deputy Public Defender before resigning in January of 2014.

January 2014 – I returned to the private practice of criminal defense when I opened Westergreen Law.  It is my desire to handle fewer cases and to be constantly available (as nearly as possible) to my clients.

IN FEBRUARY 2014, I CELEBRATED 20 YEARS AS A CRIMINAL ATTORNEY.  Most of this time, I was handling felonies at the trial court level.  For another huge chunk of that period, I was selecting my own cases and had a mix of misdemeanors (mostly DUI’s) and felonies.  For a smaller portion of that 20 years, I was writing appeals.