A Message From Sharon Westergreen

Thanks for visiting my web page.  Are you here because you could benefit from having a smart, tough, dedicated, creative, and experienced attorney on your side?  This website will allow you to learn a little about my personality and my twenty-plus years of experience, and why I run my law practice the way I do.  I am a regular person, just like you.  I have a family I care deeply about, and things I would worry about if I were facing criminal charges.  I worry about these same things in the lives of my clients, and work very hard to be both a partner and a rock for my clients.  I recommend that you identify the factors that matter to you, such as knowledge, experience, cost, and personality, and talk to a few attorneys to try to find the one who fits best with your priorities.  I hope this site proves useful as you seek the right attorney to help you with this difficult time.  Remember that I am always willing to provide you with a free initial consultation concerning your situation.


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